3 Best PC Builder Singapore And Why You Should Consider A Custom Build PC


PC Builder Singapore, these are the chefs preparing your custom-made Michelin star-studded full course meal.

Essential computer technicians, their skills and knowledge make them your best partner in getting that computer custom-made to your needs and taste.

But having the perfect right-hand man doesn’t mean you leave everything to him. This is not an omakase meal. You still have to be involved to a certain degree. You got to know the basics of computers so you are conscious when you possess that computer of your needs and taste.

PC building is a man’s business because it is about technology and gadgets. No, wait – it is a gamer’s business.

I think it is everybody’s business.

As long as you are using or looking to get a computer – or some derivative of it – then PC building is your business.

It doesn’t kill to know what are all the options out there to get the best deal for our money’s worth – there may be alternatives rivalling Apple’s ready-made choices, and we may never know because we didn’t bother dipping our nose into it.

So let’s get down to the PC building matters.

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What is PC building?

PC – an acronym for personal computers, has now become a general term for desktops, laptops and tablets; PC building is then custom-making your personal computer.

Sounds weird? It’s actually not. Think about it – you have custom-made clothes and footwear, so you have custom-made computers.

Custom-made PCs are tailored to your needs and your taste. Kind of like designing your own full course meal using dishes from different Michelin star-studded restaurants, or forming your dream football – or basketball – team with the star players.

So when you build your own PC, you are literally assembling the hardware and software of your choice into one machine. You have probably heard of or seen the simplest magic of it from someone who uses a Dell monitor (computer screen) with ARM’s CPU (computer’s brain), with Microsoft’s mouse (computer limbs), with Apple’s keyboard (computer’s typing tool).

PC building can even go down to the component level where you decide on the RAM (memory), the PSU (power supply unit), the cooling system, the OS (think Microsoft’s WINDOWS) and so on. In the end, you get a computer entirely fashioned by you, from its core to its exterior.

Sounds pretty involved and expensive.

It wouldn’t be when you have the basic knowledge and a good help – the PC builders.

PC building versus Buying from reputable brands

It is like comparing an a la carte meal and a set meal – the former lets you choose and decide the dish for the starters, mains and dessert; the latter settles everything for you. You do get a wee bit of customisation in set meals, but mostly you take the set as it is, leaving the fate of your dining experience in the hands of an expert.

Custom-built PCs are like a la carte meals – you decide on the specs of your computer, select the brands of the components, then assemble them into one machine. You could get the PC builders to do the assembling for you, or you could DIY.

Pre-built PCs are then the happy meals – they are ready-made in boxes and standard specs. You choose the ‘set’, then buy and bring it home. Remove the PC from the box, plug it to a power supply and you can use it.

Clearly, pre-built PCs are more convenient and hassle-free than custom-built PCs. And when something goes wrong, there is readily available technical support so no fret.
However, with custom-built PCs, you have a chance at prioritising your investment and saving costs. Your budget can be planned around specs that are exact to your consumption and preferences. For example, if you do heavy video editing, you could get a bigger RAM and extra storage space, then save on the less relevant components. For professional gaming, you could get the best GPU (graphics card) for the best images, and save on the storage.

But what’s the point in choosing the brand for each component? Aren’t all the components the same? Between a Chanel bag and a Gucci bag – both are bags, but clearly, they cater to different preferences. So with computer parts, different brands carry their own strengths, so they do vary in performance value and quality. Your pick is entirely subjective.

When you custom-build your PC, your preferences make all the decisions to ensure a high performing PC at your affordability, whereas, with pre-built PCs, the maker decides everything, which may or may not fit your preferences.

Another thing – since you also decide on the software of a custom-built PC, you could install only the programmes you want. This means saving the hassle of dealing with unwanted pre-installed programmes or hogging bloatware (softwares that require excessive disk space and memory and slows down the PC), which are commonly found in pre-built PCs.

Lastly, since you – and only you – know the components of your custom-built PC, you know exactly which ones to upgrade when the technology updates. Upgrading by components is logically more efficient and cost-saving than upgrading the entire computer. With regular upgrading, your computer continues to improve in performance.

What happens when something goes wrong? I might have to go for several technical support because every component is not from the same company – you’re right. Fortunately, since I already know all the components well, I can identify the fault and get the proper support.

One inevitable minus of custom-built PCs is the long waiting time. As said previously, pre-built PCs come in a box, ready for use – you only wait in line to make the purchase, which may be a few hours.

Since custom-built PCs are assembled by components, when one component has to travel across oceans to get to you, then you will need to wait for days or even weeks to get your computer. But I do have friends who would willingly wait because the performance value of their PCs matters a whole lot more.

At this point, you might still think that the experts know best. But I believe that you are forever the expert of your personal needs and taste — so you know what is best on your computer.

There is a lot of brain activity when getting a custom-built PC, which is tough for those of us who have no genuine interest in gadgets and machines. But it is a learning experience for those who took the leap of faith, and there are more benefits to acquiring the basics of the most useful technology of our era.

Even the reputable brands understand the plus-points of custom building and are slowly jumping on the wagon—even Apple. When people created ‘Hackintoshes’ – non-Apple computers that run the Apple OS – to enjoy the perks at lower costs, Apple rebounded with offers to custom-build their computers in-house, which they called ‘configure-to-order’. Their computer parts were also sold separately in the spirit of custom building.

So custom-builts PCs are becoming a significant option for computer buyers.

Tips on custom building a PC for beginners

As you might have imagined, custom building your PC is a daunting task – it is actually not. It is simpler than you think; it becomes even less scary when you have tips from seasoned builders.

Generally, that best value-for-money custom-built PC would have the best performance value at the most affordable rate. To get it, you have to know your needs and wants, the available technology and quality, and their market value.

Get your basics right

First, do some research. Be familiar with the general parts of a computer, its hardware and software. Unless you’re interested, you don’t have to go into the scientific theories – think in layman terms will do you enough. When you can identify each component and its purpose, and discern the good quality ones, you are ready.

Know what you need

Be clear of your computer’s purpose and your personal preferences, so they are well-considered in the computer’s specs. For example, if you wanted an extremely short boot up time, then you would need to get SSD (Solid State Drive – a temporary storage space) to run the OS; if you needed to do heavy video editing, then you would need more RAM (memory) and extra SSD for swift editing; if your computer was meant for professional gaming, then you would ease on the RAM, get a powerful GPU (graphics card) for strong visuals and stock up more HDD (Hard Disk Drive – the main storage space).

Know what is right for you

Following your specs, you can do a reality check to decide on the best and the most affordable brands for each component. You can go online or visit the brick stores for product reviews and survey the availability of stock and the prices. Note that you can also do the same for the software – since it’s custom-built, you can decide on the programmes to install into your PC.

To identify the right brand for your needs and wants, it’s good to be aware of the standard – the given performing quality – of each component, and the strength and limitations of a brand for that component.

Plan your budget

Here, you can prioritise your spending. It’s the usual ‘allocate more for your needs, less for your wants’. Again, if you weren’t sure, help would always be available as long as you go online.

Do have a contingency plan and consider your acceptance range of performance for each component – for example, set two to three choices of brands for each component, in case your first choice doesn’t work out for some reasons.

Be honest – don’t geh kiang

At this point, you could also look for a PC builder to buy the right components and assemble your PC. If you prefer to DIY, then you would need to get ready a screwdriver – and patience and time.

Whichever you choose, you have to do your due diligence and weigh the pros and cons. If you had all the time in the world, then have fun at DIY. If time is preciousssss for you, then do get help; and when you do, it really pays to be humble and respectful.

If you don’t know which help to get, we have a few reviews at the end of this article for your reference.

Check and get warranty

Before making payment, do check and ask for warranty for everything you will be paying for. It doesn’t hurt to check through your goods, and you can be polite about it – the experts would understand.

So if you had help with the assembling of the computer parts, do check that everything is exactly as you had ordered, and clarify on the warranty matters as well as the technical support available after your purchase.

I hope you are a tad more confident about custom-built PCs. As promised, here is a review of PC builders for your reference, should you need some help.

Aftershock PC

Their website landing page was as helpful as a billboard – giant banners of colourful gaming characters and PCs hastily filled two-thirds of the screen, advertising their products and services; the directory and a chatbot took the last third of space.

The silent chatbot at the bottom right-corner was very responsive. A staff – not the system – responded in 2 minutes although it was almost closing time. He was well-updated, eager to help and patient in answering all my questions. He also didn’t push for an appointment, and simply informed me of the possible online support I could get when they are closed. My online experience was improving.

Back to the website, the directory was user-friendly for different PC users; the given information was relevant and concise. There were some efforts to organise them for a smooth search, but my patience started to thin after a few minutes, and I couldn’t focus well on the information. Various channels of communication were given, which I find extremely important for IT matters.

The website’s intimidating dark ambience, slightly blurred and compacted visuals and the shouting words were overall distracting. I was quite confused at the end of the website cruise; I couldn’t remember the details of their products or special services.

Though their products received mixed reviews, there was a unanimous appreciation of Aftershock’s excellent customer service and after-sales support. The staff are not blind aggressive salespeople; they advise in the user’s best interest like a true professional.

To sustain their impeccable track record, all the poor experiences even received immediate attention directly from the business owners who rectified the issues with sincerity and extended support.

Address996 Bendemeer Road, #03-06, Singapore 339944
Contact6293 0296

Dreamcore Private Limited

Their website landing page is pleasant to look at and well-organised – the given information is relevant, updated and succinct. The visuals are discerning against the white background and evenly spaced out to facilitate a closer observation. The instructions are also clear and easy to follow. The main directory, however, was slightly confusing but I could still manage to manoeuvre around.

Priding themselves as ‘craftsmen’, they aim to encourage their customers to be adventurous and invest meaningfully into their PCs. Their website demonstrates their patience in journeying alongside the customers towards realising their dream PC – every feature of their service and product was clearly and succinctly explained.

In just a few minutes, I became more familiar with them and their services and products. Their chatbot looks friendly and approachable, showing the faces of the attending staff and the date of their return to action after the closing time. At the end of cruising the website, I felt like I had known them as a friend who could help with my PC building matters.

As expected, all their customers find their service and after-sales support excellent – there had been nothing but praises. The staff was patient in listening to requests, giving appropriate advice and working to every customer’s benefit. They were efficient in delivery, service and support. They also do not settle for the norm, stretching their capacity as well of their customer’s to fulfil all desires and dreams – as they had promised. Even the newcomers were impressed and mentioned their much appreciated integrity.

This company received zero complaints and negative feedback since its beginning.

Address11 Lor 21A Geylang, #07-00 Lam Thong Building
Contact6816 0648

Mansa Computers

Their website is as helpful as Apple’s. In an even shorter time, I know all about their service and promise of quality delivery. Their highly resolute visuals and useful animations instantly and accurately convey with their capture of the products at all the important viewpoints and down to the smallest detail. Every feature is also accompanied with a succinct explanation.

The website directory is in layman’s language, which makes it inviting to newcomers; and it is organised in a way that also facilitates an efficient search for the avid users. It also provides various channels of communication to encourage contact.

At the end of the website cruising, I knew a lot about their services, support and products, and their promise to work in the best interest of their customers. But I don’t know much about their background, which seems to say that ‘the customers are of utmost importance – not them’. Their services and products seem to be of Apple-equivalent quality; hence they may seem expensive.

As expected, they perform like machines – swift and accurate – through all enquiries, purchases, assembling and after-sales support; it seems that the after-sales support was not even necessary with their excellent workmanship. They were able to fix any errors and to assemble computers of any configuration, taking at most only a day. They also do not blindly and aggressively sell and advise. Some customers were already their loyal fans.

Address1 Ubi View #01-22, Focus One Building, Singapore 408555
Contact9665 2180

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