5 Places for Best Pizza in Singapore

This list includes detailed reviews of the top Italian restaurants in Singapore that sell best pizza in Singapore, from the classics to some speciality pizzas that still capture the authentic Italian flavours.

Whether you’re a believer of pineapples on pizzas or not, we are all first united by a shared love for this incredible Italian dish. Beyond the classic toppings, this ingredients-on-dough concept makes pizzas one of the most versatile dishes, and it is no surprise that they have found their way into the hearts and stomachs of Singaporeans. 

And just as flexible as the ingredients you might find, pizza chains are perfect for any occasion, be it a casual dinner, birthday celebration, or a date. Mostly made to be shared among a few people, pizzas forge friendships like the cheese that holds all the ingredients together.

Zazz Pizza

As unassuming as it looks from the outside, Zazz Pizza is a humble establishment that serves the highest quality of pizzas in a casual setting. Chef Fernando leads the kitchen with his carefully crafted menu of a variety of Italian food and drinks with the pizzas unsurprisingly at the core. 

The ingredients at Zazz Pizza are carefully sourced from abroad, ensuring only the freshest quality served to their customers. Moreover, they use their house-made bread, chilli flakes, and sauces to distinguish itself from many other pizza establishments. 

Pizzas here are baked to perfection in a woodfired oven over intense heat, giving the edges a nice slight char on the outside without over or undercooking the middle. 

The Menu

No pizza lover will come here without trying the famous Burrata Pizza. This Italian classic is the restaurant’s bestseller, and for a good reason. It is well known that the best Italian dishes are the ones with the fewest ingredients, and the Burrata Pizza best captures that sentiment. 

Under a bed of tomato sauce and mozzarella, the pizza is finished off with a ball of fresh burrata and basil leaves. And if you can resist taking a mouthful of the cheese, spreading it consistently throughout the pizza will result in a satisfying medley of flavours with every bite of a slice.

If you prefer to have some protein on your pizza, the Parma Burrata is a favourable alternative. The additional parma ham certainly adds to the flavours and is among the most popular pizza dishes beside the classic. 

And if a red (tomato) base is not your thing, the speciality Zazz Pizza is a must-try. This unorthodox pizza is topped like a Christmas tree with mozzarella, Australian ribeye, mixed mushrooms, parmesan, truffle cream, rucola, and cherry tomato. As messy as it sounds, the ingredients complement each other perfectly without any one being particularly too overwhelming.

To make things more interesting, you can make your own desired pizza out of a myriad of ingredients. However, the variety on the menu should be sufficient to satisfy your taste buds. 

With such quality food cooked with the finest ingredients, Zazza is the epitome of value for money. Bringing you the quality of pizzas you would expect from fine dining restaurants to the homeliness of a casual setting, Zazz is undoubtedly well worth the visit for only about $30-$40 per person.

Address1a Short St, #01-03, Singapore 188210
Contact8199 9909


PizzaFace is another humble pizza establishment that serves quality pizzas at affordable prices. Tucked away not far off Nicoll Highway MRT along Beach Road, be greeted by a cosy and welcoming setting that lets you kick back and relax on a hot afternoon. 

Affectionately nicknamed the “best kept secret little pizza joint” in its early days, PizzaFace is undoubtedly no longer a secret. Its pizzas have lured many locals and even tourists who make it a point to visit this pizza place only during their time in Singapore. 

The Menu

If you believe that a pizza chain only focuses on perfecting its pizzas at the expense of its side dishes, then PizzaFace’s Buffalo Wings will prove you wrong. This appetiser is highly sought after by customers, with many claiming it to be even better than many fried chicken establishments in Singapore.

The chicken is evenly marinated, and more importantly, its spiciness level is just right not to overpower the other flavours and leave an unpleasant numbness in your mouth. It would surely not be ideal for eating the pizza when your taste buds are still stung by the Buffalo Wings!

Moving on to the star of the show, the restaurant boasts over 20 varieties of red and white pizzas that cater to every preference from vegetarian to meat lovers. 

For the red pizzas, beyond the classics like the Mozzarella and Hawaiin, the Meat Lovers pizza is one not to be missed. A special spicy BBQ tomato sauce is used for the base, topped with ham, salami, bacon and beef, and finished with an egg. Truly a paradise for meat lovers. 

Despite its less extensive list of white pizzas, PizzaFace’s two well-loved pizzas belong in this category. Firstly, the Black Truffle Pizza is simply delightful. With only mushrooms and shaved black truffle on a spread of mascarpone, you will be surprised at the burst of flavour with each bite of this pizza. 

Next, the Parma Ham & Sweet Fig is another popular option. This combination is often seen on salads, but pizzas? Not so much. Yet, this unorthodox pizza will surprise you. On a base of two kinds of cheese and finished with a balsamic vinegar glaze, this pizza certainly packs a punch and is well worth trying out. 

What’s more, the prices of the pizzas are well worth their quality. From $16-$28 per pizza, you will never have to burn a hole in your pocket while filling your tummy with all that cheesy goodness here at PizzaFace.

Address302 Beach Rd, #01-03 Concourse Skyline, Singapore 199600
Contact6291 0200

Pizza Fabbrica

Located along the Singapore’s food hotspot Haji Lane, Pizza Fabbrica boasts a stunning interior with warm lights and modern architecture reminiscent of a restaurant in Italy. 

Upon entering this pizzeria, you will be greeted by the open kitchen with the classy wood fire oven roaring in the background with a bar that serves a selection of wine and craft beers.

Pizza Fabbrica specialises in Neapolitan Pizza, a type of pizza that originated in Naples, Italy. Traditionally, these pizzas are woodfired at extremely high temperatures for no more than 90 seconds, giving the crust a nice char on the outside while the centre remains soft. 

Ingredients used, as expected, are kept to the minimum. Fabbrica sticks as close to its identity as possible, using San Marzano tomato sauce and fresh Mozzarella on a bed of hand-stretched dough. You might not find a more authentic Neapolitan style pizza in Singapore. 

The Menu

The Margherita di Bufala is the classic speciality of any pizzeria serving Neapolitan style pizzas, and it should surprise no one that it is among the most popular pizza option at Fabbrica. With the traditional tomato sauce and cheese topped with fresh basil leaves, even Italian tourists were impressed by the authenticity of this dish—and that is saying a lot given that we know how Italians take pride in their food. 

Indeed, some might lament the fact that the pizza menu is sparse and almost repetitive, but that only points to this pizzeria’s insistence on their style of pizza. The red pizzas follow a uniform base similar to the Margherita and only vary based on the additional toppings like seafood, ham, and mushrooms. 

The other half of the pizza menu includes some gourmet pizzas like the bestselling Gorgonzola Fichi e Prosciutto di Parma, a white pizza with parma ham, figs, gorgonzola cheese, and walnuts. 

For vegan diners, the gourmet menu also includes the Impossible pizza topped with plant-based ingredients like potato cream, Impossible meat, spinach, and pickled onions. This brings the pizza experience to a new level, retaining that satisfying texture of the cheese and the flavours of the meat. Even if you are not vegan, this is a pizza worth trying out.
To complement your meal, Pizza Fabricca also has a bar that serves a small selection of Italian wines and craft beers. These are carefully selected to pair perfectly with the pizzas that can often get too overwhelming and je lak.

Address8 Haji Ln, Singapore 189201
Contact8869 5106

Positano Risto

When co-founder Imran and his wife stumbled onto the magical village of Positano in Campania, Italy, he was determined to bring that tranquillity and quality of food to the shores of Singapore.

Today, Positano Risto is Singapore’s top-rated halal Italian restaurant, and this establishment redefines the halal dining experience while integrating the fantastic setting of Positano. This restaurant.

Located in Kampong Glam not far from the iconic Sultan Mosque, Positano is immensely popular among locals and tourists alike. Decked with an array of paintings and posters of the village complemented by the warm interior, this restaurant is even more lovely at night when the outdoor seating rolls out as more customers stream in during dinner time. 

All ingredients used are halal certified, painstaking sourced from the best suppliers to ensure freshness and quality of every dish on the menu. 

The Menu

Despite a range of impressive pasta dishes, Positano Risto’s pizzas have to take the cake as their best selling point. The handmade thin crusts give an extra crunch to the pizzas, ensuring that the dough never overpowers the ingredients. 

Their signature Supreme Calzone Pizza is a nice crossover between the pizza and the calzone. 

Uniquely shaped like a multi-edged star, each pocket is filled with mushrooms and beef pastrami, while the top mirrors the classic pizza with cheese, tomato sauce, turkey ham, and beef pepperoni. The perfection of this sophisticated platter is a result of the painstaking efforts to master the technique behind baking it, and it is evident with every bite you take.

Another best-selling pizza on the menu is the Meat Lovers. Their special tomato and black pepper sauce topped with mozzarella balances out the meaty flavours from the beef pastrami, pepperoni, minced beef, and turkey ham. Genuinely, a meat lover’s dream!

The more conventional Margherita and the Six Cheese pizza make for good vegetarian alternatives, or, if you just love your cheeses. 

Much like other halal establishments, Positano Risto is huge on their drinks and desserts. The Godfather is their signature milkshake/float, with other refreshing mocktails to go with your pizzas. 

For the sweet ending, we recommend the Oreo Chocolate Lava Stack, which is precisely as sinful and as satisfying as it sounds. 

Positano Risto lives up to their vision of offering great food at reasonable prices. An average bill for two will not pass the $50-dollar mark, and for such quality of food and service, it is certainly value for money.

Address66 Bussorah St, Singapore 199479
Contact6292 1866

Pizza Art

Tucked away in a corner of Robertson Quay, this humble pizza joint is a severe underdog in Singapore’s pizza scene. Led by a passionate Italian head chef Donato, Pizza Art offers a slim menu of authentic Italian food from kinds of pasta to pizzas. 

Perfect for families in the day or couples at night, this simple yet elegant interior is ideal for anyone looking for a casual dining spot to more than adequately satisfy their pizza cravings. Donato insists on the authenticity of his style, and his ingredients are imported directly from Italy and kept fresh each time. 

The Menu

You could never go wrong with the classic Margherita, the staple of any authentic pizza chain. But many opt for the less conventional Quattro Stagioni, also known as the four seasons pizza made with diverse ingredients on the four quarters of the dough.

The Burrata Pizza is another popular option, which includes parma ham for its saltiness to complement the tangy tomato sauce and the lightness of the cheese. 

What’s more, Donato lives up to the name of his pizzeria. If you’re not feeling anything on the pizza menu, feel free to let the chef know what ingredients you would like on your pizza and let him whip up a customised pie for you. After all, an empty pizza dough is like a blank canvas where the artist-chefs can paint a masterpiece.

At night, the outdoor sitting provides a nice dinner near the Singapore River. Come for the pizza, stay for an extensive list of wine and beer options. Service is excellent, and Donato is readily available and always cheerful. Pizza Art might not be the cheapest pizzeria on this list, but it is certainly worth its price.

Address7 Rodyk St, #01-33, Singapore 238215
Contact6238 8380

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