7 Best Steakhouses in Singapore for Special or Casual Occasions


A good juicy cut of beef, evenly seasoned, slightly charred on the outside and perfectly cooked to one’s taste on the inside — seldom does a meal get much better than this. Steaks are deceptively simple to prepare and execute, so it is no surprise that many prefer to forget the cheaper alternative of cooking at home and leave it to the professionals.

Steaks are perfect for any occasion; from romantic date nights to casual dining with friends, there’s always a suitable establishment to cater to the mood. We have compiled a list of the top steakhouses in Singapore for you depending on the size of your wallet and the company. These include high-end steakhouses that serve premium beef to the more affordable ones that offer good value for money cuts.

Bistecca Tuscan Steakhouse

Tucked away in a quiet lane at Mohamed Sultan Road, this steakhouse with a rustic interior of brick walls, quaint Italian paintings, and leather seats make for the perfect romantic setting. Being an Italian steakhouse and restaurant, Bistecca serves up authentic Italian cuisine along with its speciality Bistecca alla Fiorentina Wagyu T-bone steak.

Specially air-flown from Australia to the steakhouse, the T-bone steak is meticulously prepared in typical Tuscan style. Like many of the best steaks, simplicity is the key. Only basic seasonings like salt and pepper are required, allowing the flavour of the meat to stand out on its own.

This cut is served at a whopping 1.1kg (serves 3-4) accompanied by sides of your choice. Additionally, three unique sauces are served to vary the taste of the beef; or maybe four, because eating the meat on its own is more than delicious.

If you’re on a date night out, do not hesitate to request for a smaller cut of the Fiorentina. Alternatively, individual premium cuts are available to choose from like the classic striploins, rib-eyes, and tenderloins.

Despite being primarily a steakhouse, Bistecca’s Agnello dish, or rack of lamb, is another favourite and, along with the steak, would make for the perfect combination platter for all meat lovers.

Boasting a wide selection of wines, the in-house sommeliers will gladly suggest the best options for based on your palate and indeed, the occasion.

With such a tranquil ambience that is neither too posh nor too casual, this steakhouse invites all steak lovers from couples on a special night out to larger groups enticed by the Tuscan sharing steaks.

Expect a bill for two to range from $250-$300, including a bottle of wine. It certainly is a hefty price tag for a dinner of two but is definitely worth it for a special occasion.

Address26 Mohamed Sultan Rd, Singapore 238970
Contact6735 6739

CUT by Wolfgang Puck

Perhaps the most famous steakhouse in Singapore, CUT by Wolfgang Puck in Marina Bay Sands Singapore is the brand’s first outlet in Asia. Known for its premium cuts and equally premium bills, this steakhouse from the American-Austrian celebrity chef can be fully booked for weeks at a time.

Earning the coveted one Michelin star, it is no wonder why CUT is argued to be not just the most popular but also the best steakhouse in Singapore. Although the debate will probably never be settled, one thing that everyone can agree on is that the steaks at CUT are simply delightful and unpretentious, as all steaks should be.

Located proudly in Singapore’s iconic integrated resort, CUT is recognisable by its handsome modern interior that reflects the simple elegance of a good steak cooked to perfection.

Rather than specialising in a particular cut of beef, this steakhouse serves the best steaks from all over the world, from the ever-popular Japanese Wagyu to the classic American and Australian beef cuts.

The steaks are seasoned with the usual suspects in salt and pepper, charcoal-grilled for the smoky flavour and charred exterior, before being broiled to attain the tenderness and juiciness on the inside.

A myriad of house sauces is available to choose from, although many steak lovers will tell you that a good cut doesn’t need a sauce. Nevertheless, the flavours that range from classic steak sauces to Yuzu Kosho Butter can offer a refreshing change of palate from the meaty taste.

The impressive selection of beef is matched by an equally wide range of wines available at CUT with over 650 premium labels on display.

As you would expect from a restaurant at such a steep price point, service at CUT is almost unrivalled. But of course, expect the damage to surpass Bistecca’s with a range of $300-$400 for two.

CUT is certainly a must-go for steak lovers, but probably only for rare occasions like anniversaries or birthdays.

Address2 Bayfront Avenue B1-71, Galleria Level The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands, 018972
Contact6688 8517

Lawry’s The Prime Rib Singapore

Located in Mandarin Gallery with a view of Singapore’s busy Orchard Road, Lawry’s classy interior and décor exudes the fine dining experience associated with its identity as a premium steakhouse.
In 1938, the founders of this steakhouse opened in Los Angeles with the idea of serving only the best prime ribs in the city. Despite gaining instant popularity, co-founder Lawrence L. Frank wanted to enhance the dining experience for his customers, paving the way for the iconic “Silver Carts” for the beef to be carved tableside.

To add to the exuberance of its service, the servers in Lawry’s don the uniform brown gown that has endured since the 1950s, bringing the all-encompassing European dining experience to the heart of Singapore.

No customer would enter Lawry’s without trying its Signature USDA Prime Rib of Beef. The beef is aged up to 21 days to ensure tenderness, then slow-roasted on beds of rock salt. This unconventional method of preparing the steak certainly pays off in the consistency and succulence of the meat.

Despite not having the usual charred finish on the outside, the slow-roasted method definitely packs a different flavour that is worth trying. Served from the “Silver Cart” by certified chefs, watch them cut and explain the process of preparing the meat, adding to the rich gastronomical adventure at Lawry’s.

If roast beef isn’t to your liking, consider ordering the classic steak cuts that will not disappoint. To top it off the steakhouse has its in-house brand of red and white wines, made specifically to complement the prime ribs.

An immensely popular steakhouse during the festive period, Lawry’s also made for the perfect place for special occasions and date nights. But of course, because of its premium beef and service, expect a damage of about $250-$350 per couple.

Address333A Orchard Rd, #04-01/31, Singapore 238897
Contact6836 3333


When talking about the best steakhouses in Singapore, SKAI has to be up there on the list. Located on the 70th floor of Swissôtel The Stanford, it boasts a breathtaking view of Singapore through its full-length windows.

With such an elegant interior that emanates an intimate yet friendly setting, this restaurant is suitable for any special occasion from romantic dates to birthday celebrations.

Renowned head chef Paul Hallet has painstakingly created a menu which boasts, among other mains, 10 types of beef that has been tasted and handpicked specifically for the restaurant.

Growing up above a butchery in rural Wales, Hallet developed a passion for preparing all kinds of meat, mastering the craft of a butcher before he developed his culinary skills as a chef. With decades of experience working at top restaurants around the world, SKAI’s menu is the product of his philosophy.

Under the spotlight in the menu are the various beef cuts that are prepared with touches of Japanese ingredients infused to add an Asian flavour, a homage to Hallet’s love for Japanese food.

The specially chosen premium beef is held to the highest level of marbling, cooked in a Josper Charcoal Oven to give the steak a perfect char and the right amount of smokiness on its exterior while retaining the correct doneness within to one’s preference.

Beyond the extensive wine selection, SKAI is also known for its craft cocktail bar that offers a variety of unique cocktails from a mixture of unconventional ingredients. Adjourn to the SKAI bar after a hearty steak and finish off your meal with an adventurous cocktail, wrapping up an experience quite literally above the clouds.

With the undeniable quality of the steak, impeccable service, stunning ambience, and the premium selection of wines and cocktails, expect to pay for what you get. An average bill for a couple will be about $300-$350, although you might opt for the cheaper lunch or dinner sets.

Address2 Stamford Rd, Singapore 178882
Contact6431 6156

Burnt Ends

Joining CUT in the one Michelin Star hall of fame in 2019 and dubbed one of Asian’s top 50 restaurants that same year, Burnt Ends is indeed a formidable steakhouse. Often fully booked for months on end, it will be wise to reserve a table as early as possible.

With a simple interior that focuses on more casual ambience than its fine dining competitors, Burnt Ends lures hungry meat lovers in and offers intimate sitting by the counter with a view of the chefs at work.

Head chef and owner Dave Pynt holds his barbeque to a high standard, and this is reflected in his custom-made oven and grills to guarantee that every meat lives up to the Michelin star quality they deserve. This establishment changes its menu every day for service, but one thing is for sure: it’s a paradise of all things meaty.

But you can be sure to find a steak dish on the menu, being one of the staples of a grill restaurant. The cut of beef varies depending on the day, but the quality is nevertheless consistent.

At Burnt Ends, it is all about quality over quantity. Despite a slim 1-page menu, every item included has been painstakingly vetted and perfected to ensure a satisfying experience at the restaurant no matter what you order. There is a rather expansive selection of wines and liquors, though.

Burnt Ends is simply a restaurant not to be missed. Whether you are coming with a group of friends to enjoy various sharing cuts of meat or for a casual date with your partner, this grill house is the ideal place for all occasions.
Pricing may vary drastically from $150-$400 per couple depending on the menu, but Burnt Ends is a slightly more affordable option than the steakhouses listed above.

Address20 Teck Lim Rd, Singapore 088391
Contact6224 3933

Fat Belly

Fat Belly is well known for its identity as a steakhouse that serves only unconventional cuts of beef. So if you’re expecting the classic cuts like ribeyes and striploin, you would be surprised at the parts of a cow you have never heard of before.

Led by head chef Spencer Lau, Fat Belly promises a “dance on your palate” with its alternative cuts of beef. These lesser-known cuts (flat iron, onglet, denver, etc.) are slowly gaining traction around the world, but have long been left behind because of their toughness and lack of flavour compared to the more popular cuts of beef.

However, Fat Belly takes these “inferior” cuts and brings out their succulence and flavour. If you’re a casual meat lover, you could hardly tell the difference between a well-cooked flat iron steak and a ribeye. Of course, the difference in quality is often jarring, but these alternative steaks are proven to be worth trying.

You pay for what you get, and the steaks at Fat Belly are noticeably cheaper than in many top steakhouses simply because these cuts of meat are not as expensive as the more popular ones. From as affordable as $25 for a Flat Iron (200g) to the more luxurious Wagyu Tri Tip (200g) at $62, these steaks scream value for money.

Just like the steaks, the menu is accompanied by a small selection of red and white wines that are a cut below the premium.

Boasting a casual yet intimate ambience, Fat Belly is perfect for nights when you feel like satisfying your steak craving without burning a hole in your wallet. Even for a casual date with two steaks and a bottle of wine, you can expect a dinner bill of less than $200.

Address10 Jalan Serene #01-04 Serene Centre, 258748
Contact6314 2247

Meat N’ Chill

The most affordable steakhouse on this list, Meat N’ Chill lives up to the play on its name: meet up with friends, have plenty of meat, and chill.

Founded by three friends, this restaurant along Bukit Timah with a simple yet elegant interior is perfect for families and friends to enjoy affordable yet flavourful ribs, steak, and more.

While Meat N’ Chill boasts the “meanest ribs in town”, it is also famous for its quality signature steaks including the cheaper flat iron to the ribeye and the classic new york strip. These steaks come with two free sides of your choice, rounding up a satisfying balance between your protein and carbs.

With a price range of $14-$42 per steak depending on the size and cut of the beef, you might not find another steakhouse with such pricing that still upholds a quality that can give its higher-end competitors a run for their money.

Although it offers a decent wine selection, many day diners opt for more refreshing alternatives like the restaurant’s special milkshakes, juices and smoothies. Nevertheless, when the sun goes down, couples on a casual date night go for the usual red wines to complement their steaks.

Address805 Bukit Timah Rd, #01-04 6th Avenue Centre, Singapore 279883
Contact8812 4455

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