17 Fun Things To Do In Singapore. Even If You Only Have A Weekend!

The world might be re-opening its borders and its economy at different stages and for tourists, little is left to their imagination of what activities they can do here in Singapore. But as this article suggests, there really are many things for you to do in Singapore and experience which wouldn’t leave you feeling short-changed in any way! Take our latest Jewel at Changi Airport for example – the Forest Valley, a lush spread of more than 900 trees and palms surrounding the world’s tallest indoor waterfall, gives you the first taste of our “garden city”.

Read on as we share 17 fun things to do in Singapore!

Flower Dome / Cloud Forest

Photo by Soulful Pizza from Pexels

In Singapore but want to see the Sakura flowers in Japan? Or the tulips in Amsterdam? Gardens by the Bay’s Flower Dome brings in seasonal florals from all over the world, arranged and manicured into very aesthetically-pleasing and definitely Instagram-worthy photo opportunities. Award-winning Pollen restaurant under the Unlisted Collection is also one of the perfect places for tea time, much like enjoying a garden party with the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland.

You can purchase a ticket package for 2 conservatories to gain admission into Cloud Forest too, a wonderfully educational experience of the rich biodiversity found in tropical rainforests. Learn about how specific human activities have impacted these beautiful landscapes and how Singapore has actively been increasing its commitment to conserve our environment.


Looking to soak in the nightlife of Singapore? Head straight to Clarke Quay, especially on Friday or Saturday night. You’ll be spoiled for choice at this huge watering hole with 4 blocks of pubs, bars and clubs but probably the most well-known is Zouk, one of Singapore’s most progressive scenes for entertainment. Internationally-acclaimed DJs have spun on the turntables of this intoxicating space, making it a choice destination for many tourists and locals alike.

Not a fan of strobe lights and pumping music? Well-known establishments such as Privé, Señor Taco, Harry’s and Crazy Elephant have built a name for themselves too. You can also be treated to a performance by a belly-dancer or scantily-dressed ladies distributing free passes to clubs if you’re walking around the vicinity!

Kallang Bowl

All over Singapore, business owners have introduced new and interesting features to bowling alleys to keep patrons coming back. However, there’s one alley in Singapore which has kept things old-school (sometimes just the way we like it!). Located within Leisure Park Kallang, this bowling alley enjoys its reputation for being one of the oldest around but employing the latest technology to keep it at the forefront of innovating a quality game.

Don’t be worried about not being able to book yourself (and your travel partners) a lane or 2! Kallang Bowl has 22 competition-standard lanes and can be secured with just a quick call. Hourly rates start from $28 per lane and can typically be used by up to 5 players.

Timezone @ Vivocity

Unleash your inner kid and take a fun, harmless gamble with Lady Luck at this sprawling 12,000 square-feet arcade, the largest in Singapore. If you have souvenirs or trinkets from the 80s and 90s, perhaps you’d remember keeping a ticket stub from your neighbourhood arcade. Timezone enables you to relive those good ol’ days by spitting out paper tickets at every machine which you can gleefully collect with a mega cup.

Need 3 reasons to spend your afternoon here? We’ve got them. Who can say no to a full-sized bumper car enclosure with neon-esque lights or a huge prize store that makes you feel as though you’ve just walked into a little department store? Or how about getting to play your favourite classics like Time Crisis, Air Hockey and Dance Dance Revolution?

TWG @ The Shoppes (MBS)

While tea time remains quintessentially English, local brand TWG has managed to successfully infuse a culture of crumpets and sandwiches into our weekend schedule. With more than 8 outlets around the island, TWG Tea Garden at Marina Bay Sands still comes out top on our list. You’ll immediately be taken by your surroundings once you ascend the steps to the dining area. Surrounded by a calming body of water that flows all throughout the luxurious complex, use this opportunity to put your feet up (not literally!) after an entire afternoon of shopping!

We’re personally quite huge fans of the extensive menu presented dramatically in a book form, detailing each tea type’s origin and tasting notes.

Jewel, Changi Airport

Photo by Addie from Pexels

Board the skytrain that travels between terminals 2 and 3 to enjoy both an aerial view of the beautiful grounds but also be immersed in the luscious greenery surrounding you. Come face-to-face with the Rain Vortex (pro-tip: it lights up at night with laser projections so if you’d like to be wow-ed even more, book an evening or night return flight!) and take the rest of the day to explore all 14 attractions at this world-famous airport terminal.

Suspended 8 metres above the Canopy Park are the Manulife Sky Nets which give you an opportunity to bounce your way around but if you’d like something more relaxing, you could always opt for the Canopy Bridge which features a glass bottom in the centre. Alternatively, there is a hedge maze and a mirror maze for you to lose yourself in as well.

National Museum / Asian Civilisations Museum

Whether it’s your first time in Asia or in Singapore, our National Museum is the perfect time capsule that transports you back to the early days of our nation’s founding and provides an enriching experience of significant events which played a key role in Singapore’s nation-building story. Located just outside the grounds of Fort Canning Park, this museum is definitely sitting on history!

The Asian Civilisations Museum (ACM) is also another noteworthy stopover if you’re intending to museum-hop. It houses an impressive collection of precious artefacts from civilisations dating back to as early as the 9th century. Interestingly, its galleries have also been organised thematically instead of the typical geographical layout most commonly found in other museums.

Bar Hopping

Clarke Quay isn’t the only watering hole here. The Downtown Core and Tanjong Pagar are both extremely popular haunts for merrymakers looking for a wild and fun night in Singapore. In search of an extravagant and sophisticated experience? Let Monti and Atlas Bar show you the way. More a speakeasy type of drinker? Have a go at looking for the inconspicuous Operation Dagger or The Secret Mermaid.

For The Full “Sunny Singapore” Experience

Tanjong Beach Club

Owned by local hospitality group Lo&Behold, TBC is a crowd-favourite amongst sunbathers and weekenders alike. It is set out in 3 distinct sections – the restaurant, an endless pool (we love the addition considering the sea is just in front of us), and the collection of daybeds and deck chairs. We’d dare say to have high expectations of the professional yet warm hospitality of its service members. Monthly parties, affectionately known as “Smack My Beach Up”, are held with guest DJs spinning soul, house and boogie tunes from morning to night. The food? Delectable and bursting with tropical vibes.

Island Hop

Did you know that Singapore has 7 other nearby islands that you could enjoy as a getaway from the buzzing city? They are Pulau Ubin, Chek Jawa, Kusu Island, Sisters Island, St. John’s Island, Lazarus Island, and Coney Island. All are accessible by bumboat or a ferry ride (except Coney Island which is more connected to the mainland by a walkway) from various locations such as Marina South Pier and Changi Point Ferry Terminal.

Gardens by the Bay

Photo by Jegathisan Manoharan from Pexels

The larger grounds beyond Flower Dome and Cloud Forest are home to the annual Winter Wonderland festival organised by Gardens by the Bay. For the rest of the year, visitors are always mesmerised by the Supertree Grove which towers 16 storeys above their heads, serving as iconic landmarks for this major Singapore attraction in the heart of the city. More than half of these ‘trees’ serve as environmentally sustainable features including solar-harvesting capabilities.

The Supertree Observatory is also a new addition for guests to soak in a 360-degree view of Marina Bay and the entire Gardens.

Picnic at Botanic Gardens

We can’t help but to continue playing up the nature theme here; Singapore really didn’t earn its “garden city” title for no good reason! The Botanic Gardens is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, speaking to its scientific contribution in the areas of “tropical botany and horticultural sciences”. First created in 1859 when Singapore was still under colonial rule, it has fully maintained its original landscape and provided a home for historic plantings to date.

Set up a picnic on any of its expansive lawns (the one at Shaw Foundation Symphony Stage is particularly popular on weekends where it hosts concerts) and bask in your surroundings.

Universal Studios Singapore

Featuring 6 themed zones from famous movies by Universal Studios, this themed park has brought in some of the most enjoyable and thrilling rides from its original counterpart in the US. Think “Revenge of the Mummy” (sliding backwards down a steep slope with scarab beetles crawling towards you and a burst of fire? Yes please!) and “Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure” (your favourite log flume ride).

Allow yourself to be enchanted by the daily parades or catch a photo opportunity with your well-loved mascot or movie character! At Universal Studios, anything is possible!

River Safari Singapore

Touted as the “first and only river-themed wildlife park” in Asia, the River Safari offers a more focused study and encounter with animals that live in rivers, whether in Asia or in the Amazon. Boat rides are available for you to either view the park’s wildlife up close or journey along Upper Seletar Reservoir to hopefully spot some free-roaming wildlife for yourself!

Follow the River Trails (timed guided tours) to gain deeper knowledge about these animals or opt for a more exclusive Wildlife Tour where you will have the opportunity to interact directly with them!

Jurong Bird Park

Welcoming visitors since 1971, Jurong Bird Park is the largest of its kind in Asia where 20% of its inhabitants are classified as threatened species. There is an avian hospital as well as a breeding and research centre within the grounds, supporting the conservation and protection of specific birds. Most excitingly, visitors can look forward to the bird park’s big move to Mandai in 2022 as a collective effort to dedicate Mandai as a hub for nature and wildlife conservation.

Night Safari

Seize the opportunity to observe a pangolin for yourself, one of the most highly-trafficked wildlife species in the world. You can enjoy a chit-chat session with its keepers to hear first-hand encounters of their experiences in caring for these gentle animals. The Night Safari is also home to other night creatures such as the wallaby, clouded leopard and the Malayan tiger.

If you’d like to try your hand at feeding Asian elephants, take the Safari Adventure Tour where you will travel around the park on a buggy and by foot. Ticket packages are available should you choose to visit the Singapore Zoological Gardens that is just next door before night falls as well.

The Park Connecter Network

If you love the outdoors and breaking a great sweat at the same time, you can rent a bicycle, a pair of rollerblades, or just use your feet to conquer the Round Island Route. This is a series of park connecters that goes around the country. While it is still a work-in-progress, 120km of the planned 150km would have been completed by 2021. For something less intense, feel free to pick any of the 5 loops, such as the Central Urban Loop or the Northern Explorer Loop Walking Trail, which would concentrate your movement within certain districts in Singapore that are still as scenic.

The idea that this list is far from exhaustive (we could go on forever!) shows the wide-ranging activities available for you to be guaranteed an unforgettable time in Singapore. If you only have 1 weekend, we highly recommend island hopping for the day, Gardens by the Bay on the next, and exploring Jewel on your date of departure. Share with us your favourite memories of Singapore!

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